Poseidon is the mythological Greek god of the sea, earthquakes, storms, and ho🔯rses. He is widely considered one of the worst-tempered and greediest Olympian gods. He becomes vengeful when challenged and his rage is evident when the player is doing well. In response to this, the volcano in the background can be seen bubbling and simmering as lightning strikes and coins shower over the reels. The overall appearance of the game is astonishing, with impeccable aesthetics. False perspective is used on both the reels and the underwater temple with its Greek ornamentation🐲.

The background offers an underwater scene of the ruins of Atlantis that can be view🔥ed on each reel spin and during the Rolling Reels™ feature. In Free Spins, Poseidon can be foun🌃d on his palace throne, welcoming the player to his kingdom.

The soundtrack ✤is another of the highlights, as it captures the game’s atmosphere,♑ with its layered sound effects and escalation that lingers with big wins.

Game Features

  • Megaways™
  • WOWPot™
  • Pick Game
  • Free Spins
  • Infinite Multiplier in Free Spins

Game Info

  • Reels: 6 Reels, Megaways™
  • Win Lines: Up to 117 649 (Left to Right)
  • RTP: 92.23%
  • Languages: 33
  • Volatility: High



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